Quick and simple

Imagine the scenario: a tree undergoes an inspection, and wood rot is detected. Now there many question to answer. TreeCalc can help you with that.

Low cost

Printed reports can be generated as appendices to more thorough evaluations for less than $15.00 plus VAT.

Anytime and anywhere

TreeCalc assists tree inspection in situ and can contribute greatly when important decisions have to be made. At any mobile device, whether it is Microsoft-, Apple-, Android- or Blackberry.

Valid and comprehensible

TreeCalc is the only structural tree analysis software based on international standards and engineering conventions.

TreeCalc in practice.

„Treecalc helps us to make fast, easy and reliable decisions about the likelihood of stem failure in hollow trees when we can't do more intensive safety investigations. The pruning scenarios that the software provides help guide our crown reduction strategies to encourage the conservation of old and significant trees. Anyone conducting tree risk assessments on urban trees can benefit from the information this unique new software can provide.“

Philip van Wassenaer
Consulting arborist, Urban Forrest Innovations, Canada