How does TreeCalc work?

Quick and simple

Imagine the scenario: a tree undergoes an inspection, and wood rot is detected. Can the tree be preserved despite there being obvious damage? What are the appropriate measures that need to be taken?

TreeCalc is structural tree analysis software that assists the tree inspector in answering these questions. Regardless of your location, as long as you have a smartphone (with good internet data reception), the stem’s diameter and a tree height calculator app or an altimeter, you can calculate the stability of the tree. If the required safety factor is not reached, TreeCalc will use the results to suggest ways to prune back the crown. The tree worker can be given these findings as both a guide for the measures and as a comprehensible justification for crown-pruning.

Low cost

By purchasing even small TreeCalc units, an online structural tree analysis costs only around €2.50. Printed reports can be generated as appendices to more thorough evaluations for less than €10.00 plus VAT.

Companies and authorities can purchase and process larger numbers of units. Contact us at:

TreeCalc is fair. If you so decide, you can end your contract with TreeCalc easily and immediately by deleting your account. In doing this, you simultaneously and automatically remove all information related to your account.

Anytime and anywhere

TreeCalc is genuine structural tree analysis — online, and can be used with any browser of your choice. All you need is internet access. TreeCalc assists tree inspection in situ and can contribute greatly when important decisions have to be made. Any mobile device, whether Microsoft-, Apple-, Android- or Blackberry-based, can run TreeCalc. Once calculations have been carried out, optional reports can be downloaded in pdf format and presented to the customer.

Tree workers whose jobs take them abroad have the possibility with TreeCalc to switch to the relevant time zone. Their data, which can remain stored in the back-end for a period of three years, will always contain the correct date and time information. Payment can be made in €uros or US$.

Valid and comprehensible

TreeCalc is the only structural tree analysis software based on international standards and engineering conventions. Wind load can be estimated in TreeCalc for any individual tree. The structural properties of green wood used in TreeCalc originate from a collection of internationally published data. In line with the principles of flexural mechanics, stem geometry is incorporated in the estimation of the stem’s load-bearing capacity.

TreeCalc has arisen from the very latest developments in the field of “tree statics” and thorough interdisciplinary research. All of the parameters that can be entered are explained to the user via the Help function. This enables individual queries to be set up in a comprehensible way.

The outcome of the calculation is the basic safety of the tree, a value which represents the tree’s contingency reserves. This provides the basis for estimating the extent to which a cavity is tolerable, and for deriving logical pruning measures.