Terms of use


TreeCalc is a stand-alone, browser-supported cloud software application. It can estimate the breaking safety of trees on the basis of the individual parameters that are entered.
TreeCalc can be used on smartphones and desktop PCs, regardless of the operating system.

Brief description

TreeCalc is a small statics program. It calculates the wind load to which the surface of a tree crown can be subjected, taking into consideration — among other parameters —the material properties of green wood and the stem’s geometry.
The wind load assumptions that are used in the calculations are those stated in the current European standard EN 1991-4-1/NA:2010-12. The material properties of green wood originate both from what is known as the Stuttgarter Festigkeitskatalog (Wessolly, L. 1989) and from comprehensive studies carried out in England by Gwendolyne Lavers (The strength properties of timber. Building Research Establishment Report, HMSO, London. Lavers, G. M., 1983). It is also possible to estimate the influence that cavities, notches or openings in the stem might have with regard to public safety.
The calculation will result in the display of a safety factor for the tree under inspection. If crown reduction is necessary and feasible, a crescent-shaped cutting contour will also be displayed with specific reduction parameters (in m and %). If this measure is likely to reduce the overall stability of the tree and thus shorten its lifespan, it may be advisable to remove the tree completely. This measure should, however, be carefully appraised.
An optional report can be printed at the end containing your personal logo and with the option of adding and editing your own text.

Caveat - the limitations of the method

TreeCalc can only ever constitute a source of information that is supplementary to the initial visual inspection of a tree. TreeCalc has been developed for experienced users who have had substantial training in arboriculture and, moreover, have basic knowledge of tree statics.
The TreeCalc method of estimating how safe a tree is will help users to assess the failure risk of free-standing trees with stem diameters of 40 cm or more. This risk cannot be reliably estimated for younger trees, groups of trees or even stands of trees (e.g. forests).
The use of results for the purpose of estimating the risk to public safety of trees under inspection occurs at the exclusion of Arbosafe Hard- und Software für Baumsicherheit GmbH from any guarantees and any liability to the user or independent third parties.
The user is solely responsible for the entry of data and the appraisal of the results.
The user agrees to cookies being installed on the user’s system and to the data the user enters, rendered anonymous, being employed for scientific purposes.**

* The operators of this website confirm that it is not their programming software but the web server’s operating system — upon which the above mentioned operators have no influence — which stores active cookies on external desktop computers.
** Data from all users is employed for statistical evaluations. We guarantee that all data is rendered anonymous before use.


What does it cost to use TreeCalc?

Every time a calculation is carried out, one point is deducted from the user’s account. Three points are charged for the use of a report. These fees include 19% VAT.
The following packages are available for purchase:

29 € - 10 calculations (`Calcs`)
49 € - 18 calculations (`Calcs`)
99 € - 45 calculations (`Calcs`)
Value added tax (VAT)

According to the legal regulations for cross-border commercial transactions within the European Union, if a valid euro VAT number is given, VAT will not be charged. In all other cases, VAT is payable and will be included in the fee.

Who’s behind TreeCalc?

TreeCalc was created by the tree experts agency Brudi & Partner-TreeConsult and is based on scientific studies and their findings.
TreeCalc is a state-of-the-art, independent software tool. Other similar calculation methods may give different results. This one single factor, however, does not mean that any particular method is superior to another.
TreeCalc makes it possible to closely approximate a genuine crown profile, thereby almost achieving the status of a true wind load analysis.
The following people were involved in the development of TreeCalc software:
Andreas Detter, Erk Brudi, Eva Mauz, Frank Bischoff, Hanna Nimmenich, Oliver Berger, Ondrej Svoboda.

Payment of the user fees is carried out via a secure connection to a payment portal. This is provided, checked for security purposes and maintained by Heidelberger Payment GmbH in connection with HUELLEMANN & STRAUSS ONLINESERVICES S.à r.l.